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How did the What Goes On Tour Series come to be? I spent most of the 1990’s working in Europe for a major youth tour company. Combining my real life experience working with 18-35’s inspired the series. Being able to see the funny side of crazy situations has helped make the series a fun read. The heroine, ‘Shaz‘, is a twenty-six year old tour manager working in Europe in 1996. The ‘What Goes On Tour’ series follows her on fictional tours as she navigates multiple countries, currencies, food, the locals, languages and men. If Bridget Jones (Diary) was a tour manager this could be her story.


The first of Shaz’s adventures

It’s the summer of 1996 and I, Sharon ‘Shaz’ Green, am living the dream. I’m leading coach tours in Europe and I’ve also met my future husband, fellow tour manager, Roger. He just doesn’t know it yet.

For the next month, I will be bumping into Roger all over Europe. This would be fantastic news if he wasn’t working with Skipper. I accidentally had sex with Skipper a couple of nights ago. Yes, that is possible.

Can I manage to woo Roger and fend off Skipper, remaining professional as I lead my flock of tourists around Europe?

Time – and travel – will tell.

Reviews of What Goes On Tour

‘Cracking good read laughed and cried and laughed again and again’ – Anthony

‘What a fabulous read! This had me laughing, crying, and feeling all the feels as it took me back to my own adventures of Europe. Shaz is such a relatable character and I’m really hoping there’s a second book coming about her next adventure! I’m not much of a reader but this book was hard to put down!’ – Morgan

‘It has been over 50 years since “If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium” was produced… it was worth the wait.’ – Michael


The second book in the series is now live.

I, Sharon ‘Shaz’ Green, am officially happy. My mantra of, ‘you are a 26-year-old, strong, independent, intelligent, woman of the world’, is paying off. I have just successfully finished leading a tour around Europe and am on my way to do another. For the most part, 1996 is looking to be a great year.

Only a month ago I was a mess. Then, I was lusting after Ridiculously Handsome Roger, who was bad for me, and not wanting the man who was right for me. Skipper. Now Skipper is by my side and Roger is a distant memory. The only slight problem is my best friend Liza also thinks Skipper is the right man for her and doesn’t know that he and I are now together.

What can possibly go wrong? Liza finding out, an unseasonable snowstorm and a late period. That’s what. Can I keep my boyfriend AND my best friend, at the same time as leading my flock of tourists? Join me on another jaunt around Europe and find out.


What Goes On Tour Too I really enjoyed the first book in this series by Gillian Scott, What Goes On Tour, and have been looking forward to the next instalment. It doesn’t disappoint!

Shaz, our heroine, is again leading a group of young tourists around Europe, this time with her (at times incomprehensible) cockney driver, Bender. Shaz begins the tour happily in a relationship with the lovely Skipper, who she has realised is the man for her, but misunderstandings, snow storms and unreliable menstrual cycles all combine to ensure the course of true love never runs smoothly.

Shaz has to navigate her way through her own messy love life as well as around France, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands (a much-appreciated vicarious journey in these Covid times!) whilst ensuring her ‘flock’, all with their own issues and romantic entanglements, stay safe and happy – not an easy task!

Gillian Scott has a great way with words and has created a character in Shaz who might well remind readers of their own chaotic youthful adventures, whilst keeping the tone light and the humour flowing. The characters are well-drawn, the escapades hilarious but believable, and the tumultuous youthful feelings of infatuation and uncertainty are instantly relatable. I’m definitely hopeful that there will be a number three!

Sarah – September 2021

Gillian Scott takes her adventures in Europe as a tour guide to the next level in this one. Wow, the situations “Shaz” gets herself into are both horrifying and hilarious. I particularly loved her adventures at a hotel in Lucerne. She, and all the characters in fact, are relatable, funny, vulnerable and loveable, even Roger . I have my fingers crossed there will be a book three.

Nicky – September 2021

I, Shaz Green have an actual boyfriend – the lovely, kind, caring, coach driving Skipper. Things were going great, until his ex-girlfriend showed up with some disturbing news.

While I struggle with the fallout of this revelation, I get some more bad news from the Terrific Tours head office. After years of leading tours through Europe, enjoying the comfort of hotels, I’m being sent on a camping tour. No indoor showers, no crisp white linen, no waiter service at dinner. CAMPING!

Can I survive a broken heart and a camping tour? Can I resist the charms of handsome tour driver, Guy? And what’s up with Michelle, our mobile cook? Why is she so bad at cooking?

Come for another jaunt around Europe and find out.


‘As soon as I read the ending of Book #2 I had to get my hands on Book #3 as soon as possible! Following along on the many ridiculous but plausible, and ‘could happen to anyone’ adventures of Shaz, this book made me feel like I was on actually on tour with her and bus load of tourists. Imagine if Bridget Jones were a tour guide with Terrific Tours through Europe, and suddenly she’s been asked to lead a camping tour, which she absolutely despises. A very entertaining and funny read.’ Suzi

‘Such a great way to end the third instalment in this delightful series! The author again succeeded in introducing new characters and settings to this well-established storyline. Like the first two books in the ‘What Goes On Tour’ series, the main character, Shaz, leads a group of young Australians, New Zealanders, and South Africans on a European coach tour in the 1990s. No internet, no mobile phones (mostly) but endless adventures. Well worth a read!’ Michael

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