What Goes On Tour – Camping is the 3rd book in this hilarious romantic comedy series set in 1996 Europe.

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I, Shaz Green have an actual boyfriend – the lovely, kind, caring, coach driving Skipper.

Things were going great, until his ex-girlfriend showed up with some disturbing news.

While I struggle with the fallout of this revelation, I get some more bad news from the Terrific Tours head office. After years of leading tours through Europe, enjoying the comfort of hotels, I’m being sent on a camping tour. No indoor showers, no crisp white linen, no waiter service at dinner. CAMPING!

Can I survive a broken heart and a camping tour? Can I resist the charms of handsome tour driver, Guy? And what’s up with Michelle, our mobile cook? Why is she so bad at cooking?

Come with me on another jaunt around Europe and find out.

What Goes On Tour Too

Check out the trailer…

What Goes On Tour Too

Once again Gillian Scott has successfully woven her wonderful sense of humour through this book, as the main character Shaz, navigates her way through yet another European tour with the typical shenanigans of the under 35’s. She has the ability to transport the reader back in time to when we were carefree and enjoyed the fun of European tours and all the adventures that they offer. It was a joy to reminisce on these times and the amazing locations that we went to in our youth… Thank you Gillian Scott for providing a fantastic portal back to a very special time. This book was a true pleasure to immerse myself into and escape the current Covid-19 restrictions that we are currently enduring.’ Anita

‘I’ve been waiting for Gillian Scott’s second book to drop for months. She takes her adventures in Europe as a tour guide to the next level in this one. Wow, the situations “Shaz” gets herself into are both horrifying and hilarious. She, and all the characters in fact, are relatable, funny, vulnerable and loveable, even Roger.’ Nicky

With ‘What Goes On Tour’


‘Loved it !! Full of humour and brings back so many memories of my OE. Definitely recommend.’ – Natasha

What Goes On Tour

‘I found the characters so endearing, I really wanted ‘Shaz’ to find happiness. I rooted for the loveable, if not timely Skipper, and enjoyed the flirtatious exploits of Roger. I love reading about the scenery, fashion, music and feelings, I completely related to them all. It felt like a time from my past was being revealed again and previously forgotten details and feelings uncovered and enjoyed all over again. The story of the characters as they traveled around Europe was so well told, I involuntarily snorted out loud with laughter at some of poor ‘Shaza’s escapades.’ – Debbie

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