A Brief Tale

After 2019 and 2020 were years with plenty of time for creativity thanks to Covid, 2022 was a year of life admin. For me, this life admin included starting a new full-time job. While this was good for the bank account, it wasn’t so good for my writing. And by not so good I meanContinue reading “A Brief Tale”

A kind of Kiwi New Year

Remember the days when New Year’s Eve was the most important night of the year? The days when there would be months of planning going into one night? Trying to be at the perfect party, at the perfect location, and with the perfect outfit? Yeah, me neither. It’s been too long. I’m the parent ofContinue reading “A kind of Kiwi New Year”

A different kind of Christmas

As I rush around like a mad thing, worrying that I haven’t bought the right gifts, or enough gifts while spending hours trying to juggle work and traffic to buy these gifts I’ve cast my mind back 10 years and a simpler Christmas. 24th December 2011 It’s Christmas Eve. It doesn’t feel very Christmassy. LaosContinue reading “A different kind of Christmas”