A new book cometh

While I vowed and declared not even 12 months ago that my first book, What Goes On Tour would be my one and only, the universe had other ideas.

My main job is working for a cricket club, it’s busy in the summer, not so much in the winter. Usually, during winter I’d travel overseas for a while, this gives me something to research, plan for, look forward to, bog about, and keeps my brain busy.

Overseas travel is 50% possible at the moment from New Zealand. You can get out but it’s nearly impossible to get back in. Spots in the compulsory managed isolation system are as rare as hen’s teeth so leisure travel is still (heavy sigh) a no go. While I’m tempted to go somewhere one-way, my husband and offspring demanded that I stay put and cook for them.

So… winter stretched ahead forebodingly. To keep my brain occupied I started writing a sequel to What Goes On Tour and before long What Goes On Tour Too was completed. Or so I thought.

When I gave it to a couple of people to read and give me feedback, the common theme was that the ending should be happy, rather than the dramatic one I had created for the protagonist, Shaz.

To achieve the happy ending I wound back the books ending and finished it a chapter earlier.

Mission complete.

I had a great ending, but… I now also had what was an awesome next chapter in the lives of my main characters. There was only one thing to do! Write another book!

What Goes On Tour – Camping follows Shaz on another tour around Europe in the summer of 1996. It introduces some colourful new characters and sees Shaz in more chaotic situations while she leads a new group of tourists around Europe.

The official release date for What Goes On Tour Camping is December 1st, but it is available now for pre-order on Amazon. AND it’s on SALE for just 1.99 in most currencies.

What Goes On Tour Camping e-book is on sale until December 1st.

Believe it or not, book number four is also underway. This won’t be completed at the same frenetic pace. Summer is coming and I’m very much hoping covid restrictions lift soon so that cricket can get underway!

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