A Brief Tale

After 2019 and 2020 were years with plenty of time for creativity thanks to Covid, 2022 was a year of life admin. For me, this life admin included starting a new full-time job. While this was good for the bank account, it wasn’t so good for my writing. And by not so good I mean that my writing ground to a halt.

The great thing about my new job is that I don’t work during school holidays. I was very much looking forward to a long southern hemisphere summer, where I could spend many dreamy days at the beach, letting the creative side of my brain take over while I got a tan. Alas, Mother Nature had other ideas. While the break from work did provide lots of time for creativity it’s mainly been while stuck inside watching the rain fall.

Rain or shine, the break has the desired effect and my creative juices started flowing. I’ve started on a new standalone novel, which who knows, may turn into a series. I’ve mapped out another series and I’ve published a prequel novella to What Goes On Tour. If you’ve always wanted to know how Shaz and Roger ended up inside a coach locker, you need to read, A Brief Tour.

A Brief Tour is free for subscribers to my newsletter now or you can order for 0.99c from Amazon (pre-orders open now). Click HERE and you can join Shaz at the château.

‘Shaz, a lively 25-year-old, combines her passions for guiding tourists and seeking love as she journeys through Europe. After a wild night, she wakes up in a 500-year-old château with a hangover, only to discover that the man she’s been dreaming of, Roger, a handsome yet mysterious first-year tour manager, will be arriving later that day. Will Shaz’s attempts at romance win him over or will they end in failure? Join Shaz at the château to find out.’

Published by Gillian Scott Creative

Adding colour and humour from the mundane around us.

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